Dear Colleagues,
Besides the topics like the development of professional standards in the field of procurement and supply chain management, the strengthening of our colleagues and the definition of new professional titles; the hybrid and digital events we held in 2020 and 2021 , with the aim of enhancing supplier portfolio, the support of national and domestic manufacturers and a more competitive Turkey. So, we have witnessed many innovations.

We would like to share with you the happiness of holding the third of the CPO Turkey Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Summit, the first two events of which were completed with a success beyond expectations. It will be held between 17-18 March 2023 with richer and more interesting content and more participation.

The main output of CPO Turkey, bringing experienced buyers and new and young colleagues in this profession together on the same platform, will be the introduction of new technologies and trends, and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

In addition to all this, we find it important to develop a common attitude for the benefit of our colleagues, suppliers and the institutions we represent by bringing all parties of supply management together around the same table with sectoral workshops on procurement and supply chain management.

We would like to see our important suppliers and brands among us at our CPO Turkey'23 event, which will take place at Pullman Istanbul Hotel & Convention Center between 17-18 March 2023.


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Kim Granger

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TÜSMOD carries out events, training and communication activities with a strong organizational strategy, acting together with all Procurement Managers, Purchasing Managers, institutions, and organizations that add value to the profession, professionals and members on the way to which it set out with the goal of 'Purchasing and Procurement Management Top Professional Organization'.

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